Looking to play better golf?

Let’s work together to improve your golf swing and get you on track, so you can play your best golf! In-person as well as online golf lessons are available, with access to state of the art simulators at Big Swing Golf Melbourne, and on-course coaching at a local golf course. This allows us to work on all facets of your game, to see the biggest improvements and make lasting changes. Online coaching is available using the Skillest app, giving you access to me 24/7 from anywhere in the world, so we can take your game to the next level.

Let’s improve your golf game!

Whether you’re just starting your golfing journey, or want to take your game to the next level, I can help you get there.

  • Learn your swing patterns and understand where your good and bad shots come from
  • Self-assessing and fault fixing
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Build mental toughness on the golf course
  • Understand ball flight characteristics
  • Create functional practice plans
  • Have more fun on the golf course!

My Partners

Golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result

Tommy Armour

Since starting to work with Chris, all facets of my game have improved out of sight. Great communication of things to work on, not over complicated and we’re getting results!

Josh H, H’cap 12

I have been working with Chris for 2 years now and my golf game has dramatically improved. I am now down to a single figure handicap and couldn’t be enjoying golf more. Chris creates a really positive and supportive environment where you aren’t afraid to try new things. He is clear in his instructions and breaks swing thoughts and body positions he teaches you into easy to understand contexts so you are able to feel what you need to feel in the golf swing. He always provides video analysis and gives you drills to work on at the range between lessons. Would recommend anyone who wants to improve their golf or is starting to play golf to give him a visit.

Alan N, H’cap 6