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Skillest has revolutionised online golf lessons and allows you to have 24/7 access to me so we can constantly keep on top of your golf game as it progresses. Skillest allows me to work with golfers all around the world, I currently coach golfers from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Iceland, Norway, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. It doesn’t matter whether you have access to a driving range, golf course, simulator or a backyard setup with foam golf balls, if you can swing it we can improve it!

Single Lesson – AUD$100/USD$70 Identify the patterns of your golf swing with a detailed video analysis and customised drills to help you practice.

Three Lesson Package – AUD$258/USD$180 As above, you have 3 lessons to use at your own pace.

Lite Monthly Plan/2 Lessons A Month – AUD$164/USD$115 Recurring subscription. Receive 2 lessons each month with chat support throughout the month.

Unlimited Lessons Monthly Plan – AUD$236/USD$165 Recurring subscription. Upload as many swings as you like over the course of the month with chat support throughout the month. This option is best for people who feel they would get the most out of multiple checks per week to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Unlimited Monthly Plan With 60 Minute Zoom – AUD$279/USD$195 Recurring subscription. As above but includes a 60 minute video lesson to put changes into affect in real time.

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Still unsure if online golf lessons are for you?

Follow the link below to check out my ‘sample lesson’ on Skillest. This outlines what an online golf lesson entails from a session I had with single figure golfer Lachie.