Matt Tiplady

Hello, my name is Matt Tiplady.

I’m a PGA professional who has been coaching for over 7 years, having transitioned from a competitive playing background. I grew up playing and learning the game through tournament play, as well as competing in long drive events. 

I am passionate about helping players learn and grow; no matter their golfing level or experience. My coaching style is based on building functional and repeatable golf swings and short game movements.

Having worked with a number of golf instructors, tour professionals, physiotherapists and mental coaches: my experiences, combined with on-going research of the game – helps shape my formula for building success with my clients. 

My coaching toolkit includes a GCQuad and slow motion filming to help track and break down my clients’ movements. These tools help paint a picture of what’s going on in your golf game and also acts as a starting point for establishing potential areas of improvement.

I look forward to working with you and helping to unlock your full potential.