Golf Lesson Options

Indoor Golf Lessons: Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (CM Golf Academy, Yarraville)

At CMGA, I coach using state of the art Foresight launch monitor technology, which give’s real time ball flight along with in-depth ball and club head data to help all golfers fully understand ball flight characteristics. I combine simulator data with my own high speed video analysis, to provide an in-depth analysis of your current golf swing where I diagnose the areas that need to be improved to build a consistent swing long-term. Identifying the root causes associated with poor ball flight and inconsistent contact is essential to making lasting changes that will stand up under the pressure of the golf course. Find out more about in-person golf lessons.

On-Course Coaching: Monday (Medway Golf Club)

Being able to take clients to a golf course for on-course sessions is invaluable for teaching them how to really ‘play golf’. It’s one thing to learn how to swing the club, but another to actually get a golf ball round a course. We focus on areas such as course management, rules, pre-shot routine, difficult lies, scoring, golf psychology, short game, green reading and much more. Find out more about on-course golf coaching.

Online Golf Lessons: Worldwide 24/7 (Skillest App)

Skillest has revolutionised online golf coaching since its launch in 2017, it is being used successfully by hundreds of coaches and students around the world. It allows students 24/7 access to their golf coach, enabling them to send videos and chat about their round or swing whenever they like. This is a brilliant alternative to in-person coaching, and allows me to coach students worldwide which is so exciting. Find out more about online golf lessons.

Having a golf swing that relies as little as possible on timing is essential for most golfers who have minimal time to practice and play. This requires certain fundamentals in setup and through the swing to give everyone maximum control of the club face throughout the swing, especially through impact.