Explanation of Online Golf Lesson Options

I recently altered my online pricing structure, here’s why!

I have been using Skillest to deliver online golf lessons since the end of July, so around 6 weeks or so now. When I setup my account and was setting my lessons options and pricing I was looking at other coaches on the platform as a guide as to what would be best to offer. As I outlined in my previous post the huge advantage of the platform is being able to maintain constant communication with your students, this is where the Monthly and Yearly recurring plans are so advantageous as they offer brilliant value for the golfer who believes they will benefit from constant communication through the learning process. I realised that having a pricing structure that was so heavily dominant towards these plans I might be excluding certain golfers that don’t feel like this would be of the most benefit to them. I wanted to give more options for people to chose from which would ultimately allow me to work with as many people as possible to improve their golf game, which is what I love to do. Below is a brief description of who might benefit from the different lesson types.

Single Lessons & Packages

For anyone new to online golf lessons and new to me as a coach I would always recommend starting with the Single Lesson, this allows you to ‘test’ me out to make sure you you agree with what I am saying about your golf swing and like my coaching style. The single lesson and packages would be great for a golfer who would like to take a little more time between golf lessons, perhaps you can only practice periodically because of time restrictions or you may feel you take a little longer to get to grips with new changes, either way this lesson option might be best for you. These can be bought upfront but used as and when you like with no expiry date. For example, the Ten Lesson Package which is the best value package can be used over the course of a year with the more traditional lesson method of a single lesson per month. As with all the lesson options the 24/7 chat function allows you to ask any questions along the way to make sure you are moving in the right direction. I also now offer a one off 60 minute video lesson for any golfer that would like to do some work in real time.

Recurring Plans

The Monthly and Yearly plans will suit any golfer that likes the idea of constant swing check-ups to make sure they are moving in the right direction. Ideally they would practice or play at least twice per week (the more the better) and send swings from each session. The constant communication and checks allows us to make smaller changes each time which can be a lot easier to digest and implement into your golf swing. All of my clients on these plans practice or play 2-5 times per week, so you can see where the value comes from with these packages. Being able to have constant communication (even in the middle of a round or practice session!) and multiple swing check-ups per week is really where Skillest comes into its own in regards to re-writing the traditional coaching methods and allows us as coaches to offer a reduced rate to in-person lessons but potentially a lot more value.

I hope this helps anyone reading this to make a decision as to what might be the best option for them when it comes to choosing a lesson type on Skillest, whether it is with myself or one of the other brilliant coaches on the platform. Find out more information about my pricing structure for online golf lessons.

As always, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out.

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